An update of General physical laws ruling biology

Recently, a letter entitled “Physical Laws Shape Biology” was published in Science (8 February 2013, 10.1126/science.339.6120.646). The title of this letter is very similar to the one that I previously posted in my blog “General physical laws ruling biology” , but my post was not cited and the exact concept of laws might be different from the one that I posted and originally proposed more than 10 years ago during my oral presentation in an international academic meeting. At that time, most scientists thought my proposal as a science fiction, but it seemed that scientists have recently realized that problem and the similar topic was reviewed in a special issue at Science (12 October 2012, vol 338, issue 6104), including two reviews and two perspectives. Although these Science papers are still restricted to some specific disciplines and the overall vision of these papers is still limited as well as the approaches proposed by these papers might not really help to solve the general physical laws controlling biology as thought, it seemed that this direction is starting. It sounds interesting and exciting, but please be careful when examining the direction if interested.


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